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Lebanese blood / cumaná milkman

Lebanese blood / cumaná milkman

If you are realizing that your garden needs more variety of colors and you are looking for a plant that really attracts a lot of attention, we are going to suggest planting one (or several) Euphorbia cotinifolia. These small trees, known by the name of Red Lechero, measure between 4 and 5 meters, which is why they can be found in any type of garden, regardless of their size.

Due to its rapid growth, in less than what you expect you can have the multicolored paradise that you always wanted.

It is preferable for Euphorbia cotinifolia to be outside the house, in an area where it will get the sun all day. Still, you should know that it can be in partial shade, but the leaves will turn green.

If you have a room in your home that is very bright, that is, in which there are several windows through which a lot of light enters, you can enjoy your plant in it. Avoid putting it right in front of the windows and near the air conditioner, otherwise it would suffer damage (burns in the first case, and dry ends in the second).

Does not include pot.

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