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Rosemary treatment for hair growth.

Rosemary treatment for hair growth.

Rosemary is a plant with excellent properties and very, very versatile. In addition to its well-known use in the kitchen for different preparations, it is used in home medicine. Above all, it is ideal for stimulating hair growth.

It is a natural stimulant that strengthens and invigorates the scalp. This happens because it helps to get more blood than usual to the hair follicles, while providing them with different nutritional substances. In this way, rosemary stimulates the follicles to remain active and produce stronger and healthier hair.

This plant also boasts excellent antifungal properties, which helps in fighting infections against the scalp. This means that rosemary for hair prevents ringworm and other fungal infections that can cause scaly areas on the scalp, causing it to fall out.

It should also be noted that rosemary is a natural ingredient that is very rich in vitamins and minerals that help keep hair shiny and thick, preventing breakage.

In summary, the benefits of rosemary for the scalp are the following:

It can delay hair loss in initial alopecia, by promoting the growth of stronger hair.

It acts as a hair stimulant, improving the structure of the hair, its shine and its texture.

Regulates the sebum produced by the hair and, therefore, the fat that accumulates in it. Thus, it prevents it from drying out and becoming irritated.

Promotes hair pigmentation, preventing premature gray hair.

  • Instructivo/Sugerencias de uso:

    Para utilizar el tratamiento correctamente, le recomendamos lo siguiente:


    Aplicar el agua de romero en el cuero cabelludo masajeando suavemente con las yemas de los dedos. De este modo, activaremos la circulación. Hemos de hacerlo por todo el cuero cabelludo.

    Dejamos que se seque por completo. No es necesario enjuagar.

    Aplicar dos veces al día.


    Se sugiere realizar este procedimiento dos veces al día durante un mes como mínimo para empezar a notar los resultados.

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